Top 10 Questions to Ask A Glass Packaging Solution Provider

Top 10 Questions to Ask A Glass Packaging Solution Provider

Top 10 Questions to Ask A Glass Packaging Solution Provider

Bottles are silent salesmen for perfumes and attars. Hence, you want the best hands regarding your bottle’s packaging. While there are so many glass packaging solution providers, there’s a way to spot the good ones.

This article offers a reprieve if you are new to the industry or once had a foul experience.

Here, we explore ten crucial questions to ask a glass packaging solution provider. This way, you only work alongside the best ones.

Ten Questions to Ask a Glass Packaging Solution Provider

Are you ready to bottle your perfumes? Then, you need a reliable glass packaging solution provider.

Below questions can work as guidelines for you. You can pick the questions that are directly related to your demands. Of course, you can skip a specific question if it doesn’t fit into your requirements.

1.Is There Room for Customization?

Are there several unique packaging solutions, or do they all follow a fixed design? This question is critical depending on the packaging your business needs. You may want to kickstart your creative juice; is the solution provider on board?

Only a few companies comprise their range of designs. If you want a flower-shaped bottle, you can’t work with a provider with only cylindrical molds. Choose a glass packaging solution provider that allows brand expression.

2.What Is the ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival)?

Turning a blob into a glass bottle takes about 10-15 seconds. However, the process is barely complete. Once the manufacturers finish this stage, the bottles are sent for annealing. During annealing, the manufacturers release surface tension, which takes several hours.

With glass packaging for perfume/attar bottles, aesthetics is a common factor. This factor often means an extended manufacturing time.

That said, when looking for a glass provider, you need a rough estimate of when your products will arrive. The requested time should include the manufacturing and delivery. Generally, providers with faster lead time take preeminence over others.

3.What Is Their Minimum Order?

The minimum order (or order minimum) is the smallest amount a business is willing to sell. You must decide your order size and discuss it with the supplier.

Remember, the minimum order quantities are supplier-specific. Glass packaging solution providers usually set 5,000 or 10,000 pieces as their MOQ. For accurate information on minimum order requirements, you must contact the manufacturer directly.

4.What Business Sizes Do They Accommodate?

If you own a big-scale or small-scale business, pair with a corresponding glass packaging provider.

This way, your highest orders are well within the range of the providers and have a reasonable lead time. One way to access the business size they can accommodate is production capacity.

Mismatching can be dangerous. An example is cutting your order numbers to meet their mark. It can be time-wasting and costly since you have to make several orders.

To prevent harmful compromises, you should filter packaging providers based on size. If you want a few packages, stick with a small glass package provider and vice versa.

5.How Fragile Are Their Products?

Knowing how fragile the products are helps to take necessary cautionary steps. Your company might have to include padded material when they ship to consumers.

Also, you can air your opinion on a lighter product and probe if the weight and fragility work together. While perfume products don’t have to be rocks, it helps when they don’t shatter on every collision.

6.Do They Offer Flexible Glass Packaging Solutions?

Your business might need to make tweaks to transportation, manufacturing processes, and designs. A packaging solution provider that offers flexible glass packaging solutions is a must. It helps when the provider can attend to specific requests.

When probing a representative of the brand, this question is critical. It also helps if you source reviews of how they have kept their word with past clients. Testimonials are excellent ways to gauge what the provider is capable of doing.

7.Do They Support Sampling?


Sampling is doing a small batch for your inspection. It helps determine if the products match your desired quality. Sampling shows the provider is confident and helps ensure that they stick to the design you want.

You can assess the structural quality and any damages to see if it suits your demand’s need. Also, you want to ensure they have reliable lead time and can follow instructions. Sampling is an integral part of any manufacturing process.

While it is not compulsory, it does help keep your mind at rest. And you can offer tweaks to errors they might have made on a much larger batch.

8.How Do You Handle Inquiries From Buyers and Any Issues That May Arise After a Purchase?

Customer support and after-sale service are essential to finding a glass packaging company. After the transaction, a reliable supplier should still be there to help.

It involves being available to answer questions, handle concerns, and provide solutions. The supplier must keep the lines of communication open so customers feel supported throughout.

9.Do You Offer Additional Services Aside From Making Glass Bottles?

A full-service glass packaging company may go above and beyond. Some companies provide a wide range of complementary services.

It could include helping with branding and labeling, facilitating logistics, and distribution. Sometimes, the company can advise on improving packaging for specific items or markets. These extra services add value at different points in the packaging process.

10.How Long It Takes to Have the Glass Bottles Delivered?

Order complexity, customization needs, and quantity might affect the delivery wait times. An efficient glass packaging supplier should provide clear and realistic timetables.

The supplier needs to be honest about the production and delivery process. Moreover, the company should work hard to reach the agreed-upon timeframes. It allows for a seamless transition from production to receiving the glass packaging items.

Why Are These Questions Important?

Why should you bother with the questions? You could easily read some reviews online and jump right into the boat. It might have worked for a couple of businesses. However, no industry knows the danger of blind buys more than the perfume industry.

More so, businesses are unique. You should never judge other experiences.

When considering a flexible packaging company, you should do your homework. You must be comfortable knowing you’re not just another ‘job.’ It starts with understanding and being comfortable with the processes. This process includes asking all the right questions.

Last but not least, you have to know if you’re the type of client the provider is experienced working with. Some suppliers will only perform long runs. Others prefer working with small and medium-sized businesses to produce shorter runs.

Some More Questions You Should Know!

It is essential to understand how well the supplier’s solutions can scale to meet future demands. Find out how they handle fluctuating production quantities. Besides, how they respond to shifting market needs. However, you should also have some basic understanding about this industry.

1.Is Glass the Best Packaging for Perfumes And Attars?

Yes. Glass is the most used option for packaging perfumes because of its aesthetics. It is also a durable option and preserves the perfume. Due to its sturdy exterior, it doesn’t let any contaminants get through. Although many options like plastic and ceramic abound, glass always comes on top.

2.How Long Does Perfume Last in Packaging?

Perfumes can last anywhere from a few months to several years. It all depends on the packaging and the content. For the most part, glass is the best container for perfumes. Also, top brands will often last well into five years before expiring.

3.Is Glass An Environmental Friendly Option?


It can be. Many perfume industries are opting for a healthier form of production. This move ultimately causes less strain on the environment. And if you refer to the package itself, glass typically turns to sand, mainly when disposed of in places with lots of motion.

How Do You Ship Perfumes?


Shipping perfumes and attars differ from other beauty products like soap and shampoo. They are put in leak-proof containers and wrapped to reduce the impact of collisions.

Final Thoughts!

Undoubtedly, glass packaging solutions can be a tedious experience.

More so when you are busy trying to outsource the job to the best hands. Nonetheless, the right partner is critical to a seamless glass packaging experience. In this article, we explored questions necessary during the outsourcing step.

Using our ten questions, you are better positioned to get the best hands. While the packaging providers get to work, you can return to customer service and others.

Is buying premium glass bottles something you’re considering for your perfume business? Learn more about the tailored services we provide to fulfill your specific requirements. Find out how our glass packaging expertise can elevate your brand’s quality. Contact Gozonepack today!