Best type of glass bottles for essential oils

Best type of glass bottles for essential oils

Best type of glass bottles for essential oils

In the world of alternative therapy, essential oils hold a prominent position. Essential oils are a lucrative business. Essential oils are organic products mostly used in aromatherapy.

Therefore, essential oil bottles are made in such a way that they keep these oils fresh and intact for a long time.

Since essential oils are different from other oils and have different properties, essential oil bottles have some unique characteristics. Businesses understand the significance of these bottles for oils.

From color to size and Style, every characteristic of the glass bottle is important.

This blog explains the different types of glass bottles for the storage of essential oils.

Glass- The Best Material for storage of Essential oil bottles

A very useful quality of glass is that it is impervious, i.e., non-reactive to volatile compounds. Essential oils have many substances that might react with the storage material and cause corrosion. This is the main reason why plastic is not recommended for storage of essential oils.

Essential oils are present in the most concentrated form. Therefore, proper storage is important to keep them intact and in their original form. Glass bottles are the best option for their use as essential oil bottles because:

  • They are hygienic
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Acid resistant

There is one factor that might cause the essential oils to lose their original chemical composition. It is oxidation. It happens when the glass bottle’s lid is not tightly closed.

This results in a chemical reaction between the essential oils and the outer air. Therefore, it is important to close the lid tightly to prevent oxidation.

Different types of glass bottles for storage of essential oils

1.Boston Round

Boston round bottle is the most widely used glass bottle among essential oil bottles. It has the option of having multiple toppers or lids.

Mostly made with amber-colored glass, Boston round bottles have a basic clean-cut design. Other than essential oils, Boston round bottles are also useful for the storage of medicines and tinctures.

Boston round bottles are mostly available in amber color. There is a reason behind it. It is because the ultraviolet (UV) rays find it difficult to enter the bottle because of the darker color of the essential oil bottles.


These bottles are mostly used for the sampling of essential oils. For precise measurement, they come with a dropper. The size and precision of dram bottles make them the most widely manufactured glass bottles by glass manufacturers.

These bottles are especially useful for small businesses who want to spend less and get more. Giving away small samples might attract a large number of customers.


With the availability of clear and amber varieties, Euro glass bottles come in a variety of different sizes. They are equipped with three different types of toppers. Mostly, these are drippers and dropper tops. These toppers make the distribution of essential oils more convenient.

The orifice in euro bottles prevents the oxidation of oil and keeps the aroma and potency intact.

Roll On

Roll-on essential oil bottles ease the even distribution of oil. For people who want to apply essential oils directly on their skin, a roll-on glass bottle is the best option.

It is more convenient to use on body parts such as the neck, nape, or temples. The roller balls in roll-on bottles can be made of either steel or plastic.

Which color glass bottles are best for essential oils?

The first question that must have popped into your mind is why the color of glass bottles even matters.

It does

Most of the time, essential oil bottles are of dark color. The reason is to prevent them from photo-oxidation. But what is photo-oxidation?

It is a chemical reaction that occurs when the essential oils come in contact with the sunlight. Therefore, essential oils are stored in dark-colored bottles. Cobalt and amber are the most widely used colors of essential oil bottles.

Amber glass bottles are mostly used for the storage of essential oils. They keep the oils cool because they lose heat quickly. Essential oils remain chemically intact for a longer period inside them. This is because the amber color acts as a barrier between the external light and the essential oils.

Amber color is, therefore, light-resistant. These properties of amber glass bottles prevent essential oils from losing their aroma, chemical composition, and therapeutic properties.

Bottling essential Oils- Some Useful tips

Below are some important tips about bottling essential oils. Following these tips can be useful for business owners in attracting more customers. Right packaging, of course, is the key to competitive consumer marketing.

1-Choose the Right Size2-Ensure Durability
Size matters a lot. It is better to keep the bottle size small. In case customers need more bottles, they can pile up their collection instead of ordering large-sized bottles.It is always better to store essential oils in bottles that are reasonably priced but durable. Investing in cheap bottles might result in breaking and leave a bad impression on the customers. Make sure to store essential oils in durable bottles.
3-Check the Lids4-Color and Style
Make sure that the lids of glass bottles are tight. This prevents the oils from leaking. It also prevents the moisture and oxygen from coming in contact with the oil. Therefore, it keeps the oils fresh for a long time.Color and Style always impact the customer’s perception of a product or brand. It is important to choose stylish and unique essential oil bottles. Unique color and Style can make your brand stand out from the competition.


Good packaging is critical to the storage of essential oils because they are perishable and highly concentrated. If stored properly, they might retain their qualities easily. It is better to store them in small-sized bottles with air-tight lids. Amber-colored bottles are given preference.

Using durable and good quality glass bottles not only preserves the oil for a long time but also increases the shelf life of the product.