Perfume is no longer an accessory. It has acquired the status of a necessity. That is why the selection of a glass perfume bottle is so important.

There are several factors in a perfume bottle design that make it perfect. When consumers and business owners are unaware of these factors, they make wrong decisions.

Both business owners and consumers should be aware of the mistakes to avoid when choosing the right perfume bottle.

This blog highlights the common mistakes to avoid when selecting a glass perfume bottle and explains the characteristics that make a perfect perfume bottle.

Mistakes to avoid when choosing a glass perfume bottle

1.Not considering the storage capacity

Considering the storage capacity of a perfume bottle is an important task. It depends upon your usage. If you are going to try a perfume for the first time, it is better to choose a smaller bottle. This is a common mistake by perfume users.

If you purchase a larger bottle and don’t like the fragrance in future, then it’s going to be a wrong decision.

If you are buying your favorite scent, you should definitely buy the larger bottle. If you are a frequent traveler, you should opt for small-size perfumes. Smaller perfumes are light and easy to carry.

Buying bigger bottles can contribute to a major portion of your luggage’s weight. Therefore, you should avoid them.

2.Underestimating the strength of the perfume bottle

Glass perfume bottles are undoubtedly beautiful. However, a major potential drawback is that they break on a simple strike or fall. Always choose a perfume bottle that is made of good-quality Glass.

The latest technology has led to the invention of unbreakable glass, which is made stronger by adding an extra layer through spray. These days, glass perfume bottles have double walls and heavy bottoms, which makes them more resilient to falls and breakage.

Once the perfume is finished, you can use the glass perfume bottle for other decorative purposes and refill it with your favorite fragrance.

3.Ignoring the ergonomics of the bottle

Many consumers don’t even know what the ergonomics of glass perfume bottles are.

Do you know?

Well, characteristics such as the shape and size of the bottle, the grip of the hand on it, etc., are called ergonomics. Consumers need to pay more attention to the ergonomics of a glass perfume bottle when purchasing.

This is a major purchasing mistake. Ignoring the ergonomics in perfume bottle design causes problems later.

  • you should always check if you can easily hold the glass perfume bottle.
  • Your hand has a good grip on it when applying perfume.

Ergonomics are important in packaging as well. The packaging of glass perfume bottles should be such that the following:

  • It protects the consumers from inefficient handling of the bottles.
  • The consumers can easily access the bottle inside the package.
  • The package offers a good grip on the bottle that prevents it from breaking.

4.Neglecting the aesthetic considerations of the bottle

Neglecting the aesthetic considerations of a perfume bottle is a common mistake. Both business owners and consumers make this mistake. If you are a consumer, always select a perfume bottle that appears visually appealing and practical.

If you are a business owner, make sure that the bottle aligns with your brand image. The glass perfume bottle should represent the story behind the brand. It shapes brand awareness and consumer preferences.

Different shapes represent different stories. Oval-shaped glass perfume bottles are believed to be more traditional. For a modern and contemporary image, rectangular or square perfume bottles are preferred.

5.Overlooking the cost

The cost factor is important for both individual consumers and business owners. Good things come at good prices!

If you want to invest in luxurious and vintage perfume bottles, of course, they will be expensive. Therefore, you should always check your budget.

For business owners, overlooking the cost of a glass perfume bottle can disturb their overall budget. The cost of a glass perfume bottle directly impacts the packaging cost.

If the business has a good budget and the target audience is elite, crystal perfume bottles are a good choice. In case the budget is tight, they should look for less expensive bottles.

6.Incorrect storage of perfume bottles

Proper storage of a glass perfume bottle is critical. Glass is a fragile material that is prone to breakage. Incorrect storage can lead to breakage and cause perfume leakage.

The packaging of the glass perfume bottle should be protective. Proper cushioning should be provided to the bottle to prevent losses. To make sure that the glass perfume bottle has proper packaging, business owners should:

  • Mark the package with “fragile” and “handle with care” labels.
  • To protect the perfume from light, moisture, and shock, bubble wrap should be wrapped around it. Other options include foam padding and corrugated cardboard boxes.
  • A humidity control pack can be added to regulate moisture levels.

Consumers should also handle perfume bottles with care. They should be kept in safe places, away from light, humidity, and high temperatures.

Characteristics of a Good Glass Perfume Bottle:

1.Perfect Shape

The shape of a glass perfume bottle tells a lot about the fragrance and the brand. It even tells about the gender it is targeting. Yes, you read it right!

The shape of a glass perfume bottle tells about the gender of the target audience.

For example, perfume bottles with a round or oval shape are for females, while rectangular, cylindrical, or bulky-shaped perfume bottles are for males.

A perfect shape aligns with the gender specifications of the target audience. It also represents the fragrance inside. For example, vintage-type perfume bottles have a specific fragrance that aligns with the shape and type of the bottles.


This is an important factor that adds to the perfection of the glass perfume bottle. However, it is not given much importance. Even before purchasing a perfume, one should check the spray pressure of the bottle.

A perfect perfume bottle will have a spray or pump that compliments the overall look. It makes the product more attractive and elegant. Sprays or pumps should be handy.

This helps in the easy outlet of the scent. Business owners put much effort into making attractive sprays or pumps. They come in various colors as well. These include golden, silver, white or black.

Not just the appearance of the spray should match with the perfume bottle but also the quality of it.


The cap on top of the glass perfume bottle might appear fragile, but it has a great function. Business owners do a lot of research in selecting and manufacturing these caps. They are a well-thought-out part of the perfume and complete the overall look of the bottle.

Caps come in a variety of shapes and colors. They can be cylindrical, oval, or round. They are also available in a variety of materials, including metal, stainless steel, plastic, or even crystal.

Caps are also gender specific. Women’s perfumes have cylindrical caps with a slight bulge. In contrast, men’s perfumes have rectangular, cylindrical or hexagonal caps that might be black, golden or brown in color.


Like every other aspect, a perfect glass perfume bottle has an accurate size as well. For example, if a business promotes pocket-size perfumes targeted at travelers, then the bottle size should be small.

A fifty-ml perfume bottle is considered to be the most practical. It is handy. One can easily carry it in his or her purse or bag. It has a small quantity and is therefore easy on the pocket as well. Compact bottles are perfect for on-the-go applications.


The present consumer is more attracted to the aesthetic appeal of the product. Therefore, the craftsmanship of a glass perfume bottle matters a lot. Even if the fragrance is good but the bottle lacks craftsmanship, it wouldn’t attract customers.

Glass and crystal are the two materials that exhibit luxury and sophistication.

Attention to detail and beautiful designs can make a bottle look more attractive. A perfume bottler with accurate craftsmanship and visual appeal looks like a piece of art.

Considering consumer preferences these days, craftsmanship is the most important feature that defines a perfect glass perfume bottle.


The aesthetics of a glass perfume bottle tell a lot about the owner and the brand. Selecting the perfect perfume bottle is an art in itself. The shape, size, spray, cap, and even the label tells a story.

All these features contribute to the overall aesthetic appeal of the bottle.

They describe the choice and taste of the person using it. It is not easy to craft a perfect perfume bottle and pay so much attention to detail. A simple bottle lying on your shelf has a lot of thought processes and effort behind its creation.

Try buying a perfume that matches your personality and choice. As a business owner, you should select your perfume bottle in accordance with your brand identity.