Where to Buy Authentic Middle Eastern Perfumes?

Where to Buy Authentic Middle Eastern Perfumes?

Where to Buy Authentic Middle Eastern Perfumes?

The unique fragrances of the Middle East have long been a fascination for perfume lovers. As a result of the increasing desire for these distinctive aromas, niche stores and websites have sprung up.

Almost all major e-commerce websites provide a wide selection of Arab scents. Thus, you may discover these fragrant gems via a myriad of channels.

Do you want to get your hands on these fragrant works? Let’s make your search for authentic Middle Eastern scents productive and fulfilling. Today, we will show you the best methods to get Arabic perfumes. You can buy them from renowned online marketplaces to traditional souks.

However, you must read and follow the recommendations provided in this article. It can guarantee a safe and profitable search for the best Middle Eastern fragrances.

What is the Proper Way to Wear Perfume in a Middle Eastern Style?

Discovering the Middle Eastern perfume culture isn’t only about getting exotic fragrances. Well, it’s also about mastering the skill of wearing them.

As you know, perfume production dates back at least three thousand years. And Middle Eastern countries gave rise to modern fragrances.

Regarding scent, the Middle East has its own innovative and distinctive style. Some typical notes in Middle Eastern fragrances are vanilla and fruity.

Others include woodsy, spicy, amber, smokey, musk, oud, and flowery. So, we will explore approaches to adapt the style of wearing Middle Eastern perfumes.

As part of the “perfume layering” process, it is common practice to apply a musk-based cream. It would help to use the cream on the skin before applying an oud oil-based fragrance.

Let’s first understand why you should also wear your perfume in a Middle Eastern style.

Perfume is very individualistic in the Middle East. The secret to achieving a distinctive aroma is wearing many perfumes simultaneously.

You can reach the best fragrant layering by applying scents with increasing intensity. A robust scent should serve as the foundation, with softer notes added on top.

It’s best to stick to more subtle scents when you’re just starting. Such scents are easy to layer and result in more creative effects.

Fortunately, you will discover your preferred combination after using the below methods! Here are some pointers to help one use perfume like an authentic Middle Eastern.

Faint smells result from complex, strong perfumes with lighter notes. When spraying, always start with the most potent fragrance. Remember, the exact combination is up to you.

What Are the Most Refreshing Perfumes From the Middle East?

Image Source: https://in.pinterest.com/pin/Afcfo1etWxoN9_okbjrQbNLNrWCAiHHvYKzfrzYo6J7eq765u-L0CaGeYoCe76VYIZsfWW-ei3rbwEiAF3Tkonc/

Strong projection and extraordinary longevity are hallmarks of popular Middle Eastern scents. The exquisite essential oils used to create each Middle Eastern fragrance come from worldwide. Their careful blending makes each bottle a masterpiece.

Whenever you wish to exude an air of sophistication, regardless of your preferred fragrance, you will adore exploring the magnificent realm of Middle Eastern aromas.

Are you feeling swamped? Here, you can find a comprehensive list of the finest scents from the Middle East to suit your tastes.

Swiss Arabian

With its diverse array of oriental and Western-inspired fragrances, Swiss Arabian brings the two worlds together. If you like Middle East fragrances, this is a good one to try first.

Sehr Al Sheila has a dominant note of refined rose with a hint of muted oud for sophistication. This fragrance has an exotic spice aroma reminiscent of Guerlain Santal Royal.

Amaali is another scent from Swiss Arabian. It’s a sweet and refreshing Middle Eastern scent with apple, lemon, and pineapple notes.


Founded in Dubai, Rasasi exudes the luxury and splendor one would expect from a city like that. Here, you can consider Rasasi Hawas, one of the most incredible scents.

This famous Middle Eastern scent is perfect for individuals seeking an affordable choice. Thanks to its dominance of sweet fruits, it has a unique scent.

Arabian Oud Rosewood

An alluring perfume waits to unveil the exotic beauty that this fragrance embodies. Arabian Oud’s Rosewood is a unisex scent with woody floral musk.

Arabian Oud Rosewood is essential in the finest Middle Eastern fragrance. It is similar to oud and vanilla but with the addition of a seductive rose.

Cambodian oud and rose are at the top of the scent profile. Madagascar vanilla is in the center, and white musk and olibanum are in the base.

Perfumes that draw inspiration from the scents and traditions of the Middle East are collectively known as Middle Eastern fragrances. Some more top Middle Eastern scents include Amouage Interlude Man.

Why Should You Choose Authentic Middle Eastern Perfumes?

Image Source: https://in.pinterest.com/pin/1028650371116086501/

Perfumes from the Middle East are seeing a meteoric rise in popularity. It is especially famous among influential members of Generation Z. The way a person smells now plays a crucial role in how they appear.

With so many options, picking a perfume that will stick in people’s minds is no small feat. If you choose the correct bottle, the sparkling smell will follow you wherever you go. The unique scent will make you the center of attention.

Below are reasons why Middle Eastern perfumes are better than Western ones.

1.They have more perfume oils

Perfumes from the Middle East last longer on the skin because they include more perfume oils. Thus, it makes them an excellent option for those who want a long-lasting scent.

The skin won’t take long to absorb the oil, and the pleasant aroma will linger for hours. Furthermore, oil stays on the skin rather than emitting broad ranges. It makes the scent seem more personal.

Western perfumes created using alcohol as the foundation often disappear faster than scents with oil.

2.Fragrances from the Middle East Incorporate Rare and Exotic Ingredients

Middle Eastern fragrances use exotic and expensive components. Such components include spices, oud, sandalwood, musk, and agarwood. These scents are famous for being genuine and unique. Of course, all these elements help make that happen.

3.The Middle Eastern technique of layering perfumes is distinct

Although it may seem complicated, the Middle Eastern technique of layering perfume is efficient.

“Perfume layering” refers to applying a cream containing musk on the skin before applying perfume. Fragrances from the Middle East include many complementing aromas. Each fragrance has its unique strength.

4.Perfumes from the Middle East are typically unisex

These perfumes combine oud and amber with aromatic and spicy components. Such a combo gives a distinct and enigmatic scent. Whether the fragrance is feminine or manly, they all have the same goal: to provide a delightful aroma.

How Can You Tell If a Perfume Is Genuinely Middle Eastern?

Perfumes from the Middle East are famous for their unusual and distinctive aromas. When searching for genuine Middle Eastern perfumes, watch for the characteristics below.

1.The Perfume’s Ingredients

In Middle Eastern nations, you may readily get a variety of traditional scents. Oud, rose, and saffron are standard natural components in Middle Eastern fragrances. Oud has a woodsy, toasty, leathery aroma. Typically, the scent of roses is solid and refreshing.

2.Expected Longevity

Perfumes from the Middle East are famous for their enduring aroma. Depending on the scent, they could last for a few hours or days.


Perfumes from the Middle East tend to be stronger in concentration than those from the West.

The extraordinary aroma results from the increased concentration of perfume oils.


The quality of the components used in Middle Eastern fragrances may make them pricy. You could be getting a knockoff perfume if the pricing is too low.

What Are the Latest Trends in Middle Eastern Perfumes?

Middle Eastern fragrances use a broad array of smells. These scents include fruity, flowery, musk, amber, oud, jasmine, and frankincense. They entice customers in the area.

Moreover, they imply freshness, tenderness, and the ability to modify one’s mood.

1.Expanding Market

From 2021 to 2026, research predicts a 9.7% CAGR for the Middle Eastern scents industry.


Aromachology is the scientific study of smells and their effects on human behavior. It specifically deals with how different scents may evoke other emotions. It has boosted the perfume industry in the Middle East.

3.Desire for All-Natural Substances

Natural, organic, and ethically sourced halal goods with solid track records are in great demand when manufacturing Middle Eastern perfumes.

4.Natural Essence

Many believe natural essences are safer, healthier, and more therapeutic than synthetic scents. Thus, manufacturers are starting to include them in their products.

5.Unisex Fragrances

The introduction of unisex and exotic perfumes is a tempting subject. Afnan, Riffs, Al Haramain, Armaf, and Asdaaf are some Middle Eastern unisex fragrance brands available.

Where Can You Buy Authentic Middle Eastern Perfumes?

Specialty stores and online marketplaces stocking various genuine perfumes have grown in numbers. The rising desire for distinctive aromas is also increasing. Thus, you have several resources available to buy authentic Middle Eastern perfumes.

Online Stores

Perfume lovers can now buy Middle Eastern scents without ever leaving the house, thanks to the ease of online shopping. You may get a variety of genuine Middle Eastern fragrances at any shop or online retailer. Among the most well-known internet retailers are:

A) My Bakhoor

The aromas released by My Bakhoor are among the most relaxing and calming of all other brands. One possible Middle Eastern synonym for incense is Bakhoor.

The earliest written accounts of them date back thousands of years to the time of ancient China, Babylon, and Egypt. They also have scented oils, colognes, and sprays in various varieties.

B) DXB Perfume

DXB Perfume is a Dubai-based label that sells high-end, unique perfumes. You may get some of the most popular Middle Eastern brands there, and they have them all at great prices.

C) Perfume Arabia

DXB Perfume is a Dubai-based label that sells high-end, unique perfumes. You may get some of the most popular Middle Eastern brands there, and they have them all at great prices.

Local Stores

Perfumes from the Middle East are also available for purchase in the local areas. Here are a few places to get a variety of authentic Middle Eastern perfumes.

A) Wani Perfumes

You can check out Wani perfumes to get actual Middle Eastern scents. Ensure to stop by their shop to peruse their inventory.

B) Albaaz Perfumes

Genuine Middle Eastern perfumes and other unique scents are what Albaaz Perfumes excels in bringing to you. Their perfumes are a symbol of genuineness. You can try the fragrances of Albaaz Perfumes and lose yourself in aromas.

C) Alqamees

At Alqamees, you can get a wide selection of Arabian perfumes from famous brands like Al Haramain, Ajmal, Rasasi, Lattafa, and Arabian Oud.

They are devoted to producing high-quality perfumes that capture the spirit of regional history. Their aromas are a perfect fusion of old and new; you may wear them with pride.


You can find genuine wholesale Middle Eastern perfume suppliers online. Here are a few of the more common ones:

A) Arabian Perfumes

Wholesalers and dropshippers may get authentic oriental fragrances at this shop. Various scents, such as oud, Bakhoor, and attar, are available here.

B) Lattafa Perfumes LLC

This distributor offers free delivery on a wide variety of high-end perfumes. They feature a large selection of cosmetics, oils, and fragrances, among other things. They may reimburse your shipping costs or provide a free return label.

C) Dubai Oudh

Perfumes from renowned Middle Eastern names, including Swiss Arabian and Afnan, are available at Dubai Oudh. It is a famous online perfume boutique.


You may get genuine fragrances from the Middle East straight from the producers. The Oud shop is an example of a reliable and trustworthy provider of exotic oud perfumes.

You might get better price and authentic product if you contact perfume manufacturers directly.

In case you’re still unconvinced, know that they source their products from renowned manufacturers worldwide. Thus, it guarantees authenticity and the most excellent standards of quality.

A) Duty-free Shops

The duty-free stores at international airports are great spots to find and buy fragrances from the Middle East. The world’s leading duty-free merchants include Belle and Khulasat Al Oud, among many more.

Many Middle Eastern scents are available in Dubai Duty Free. Another place to get Middle Eastern perfumes is Beirut Duty-Free.

B) Perfume Expos & Events

The fragrance business and individuals interested in niche scents often attend such events. These may be an excellent platform for Middle Eastern perfume companies.

Remember, such expos and events are commonplace all around the globe. For example, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, is home to a significant beauty event called the Riyadh.

C) Arab Markets and Festivals

At Arab markets and festivals, you may find a diverse array of fragrances. At such times, you can talk to vendors selling Middle Eastern perfumes.

D) Luxurious Department Stores

Located in posh neighborhoods, these shops provide various high-end goods. You can find well-known Middle Eastern perfume labels like Abdul Samad Al Qurashi, Rasasi, or Amouage here.


1.What Are a Few Popular Perfumes From the Middle East?

Shaghaf Oud by Swiss Arabian and Oud AI Youm by Arabiyat Prestige are two of the most well-known perfumes from the Middle East.

2.What Stores Sell Genuine Perfumes From the Middle East?

Many internet stores sell fragrances with a Middle Eastern twist. Alternatively, you can contact the distributors or manufacturers to buy authentic perfumes.

3.Which Perfume Brands Are Most Well-Known in the Middle East?

The Swiss Arabian and Arabiyat Prestige perfume companies are among the most well-known in the Middle East.

4.How to Know if the Perfume Is Authentic?

If you want to be sure you’re getting a genuine Middle Eastern scent, purchasing it from a trusted and well-rated supplier is best. Take note of the seller’s sourcing and production details and the product descriptions and reviews written by actual customers.

5.What Distinguishes Middle Eastern Perfumes From Others?

Perfumes from the Middle East often have a wealth of fragrant ingredients. Besides, their unique glass bottles also help them stand out.

Gozonepack is a trusted supplier for several perfume firms in the Middle East. Most perfume brands order bottles from us with distinctive and elegant designs. Thus, unique bottle designs distinguish Middle Eastern perfumes from others.

Final Thoughts!

There are a lot of alternatives out there for those who like Middle Eastern perfumes. Perfume lovers can purchase these scents from various sources, including manufacturers, merchants, online stores, etc.

To make informed buying, it is essential to read thorough product descriptions and, if possible, speak with employees. The creative artistry is just as enticing as the smell aspects of authentic Middle Eastern fragrances.

We at Gozonepack encourage perfume firms in the Middle East to improve their brand with our elegant packaging solutions. We are an established supplier of perfume glass bottles. Make your perfume bottles a show-stopper, just like the fragrances they contain. Contact Gozonepack now!