Glass bottles have been serving various purposes for centuries. The use of glass bottles has been revolutionized from glass bottles for water to medicine, perfumes, vegetables, decore, spices and whatnot.

Glass, the basic component of a glass bottle, determines its quality. Other than being sustainable, recyclable, reusable and re-fillable, many factors determine the quality of glass bottles.

If you are curious about the various factors that make glass bottles the best medium for packaging and storage, you should read further.

Qualities of a Good Glass Bottles

No Bubbles

One of the most prominent characteristics of a good quality glass bottle is that it is:

  • Clean
  • Transparent and
  • Clear

These three characteristics of glass bottles make them high quality. It indicates that the glass bottle is made of high-quality glass free from impurities.

If the glass bottle has bubbles and a rough surface, it is made of low-quality raw materials.

The clarity and quality of the glass also affect the aesthetics of the glass bottle. Aesthetically pleasing glass bottles will appeal to more customers. This is because customers purchase what they perceive to be of good quality.

Thickness of Glass

When investing in a glass bottle, always look for the thickness of the glass. A good quality glass bottle will always have thick glass walls compared to those with thin walls.

The thickness of the glass increases the insulation of the glass bottle. It makes it more heat-resistant and increases its durability. Glass bottles with thin walls are more likely to wear away soon.

According to international standards, a glass bottle’s minimum thickness is 1.2mm.

Shape of the Bottle’s Mouth

What is a glass bottle’s mouth?

It is an opening at the top of the finish. Its use is to access the contents inside the bottle. Before the eighteenth Century, the mouth of glass bottles needed to be better crafted. They had a rough appearance.

A rough-shaped mouth gave the glass bottles a rough appearance. It also decreased the sealing capability of the glass bottle.

Resistance to High Temperature

One of the best qualities of glass bottles is their heat resistance. Usually, glass bottles can withstand less than three hundred degrees Fahrenheit heat. Because of this quality, glass is microwave-safe.

Low-quality glass is more vulnerable to breakage during high temperatures. Glass bottles with thin glass walls break easily during heating. Heat-resistant quality makes glass the perfect packaging material.

Suitable for Long-term use

What makes glass the perfect packaging material is that it does not chemically react with other substances. Because of this quality, glass does not wear and tear.

You can repeatedly use glass bottles without fearing being worn out. This makes them more durable and makes them suitable for long-term use.

Glass bottles are strong. They are less likely to develop any holes from long-term use. Because of the strength of glass bottles, they can withstand liquids for longer periods. That is why glass bottles are the most suitable packaging for storing acids.


One of the major components of the raw materials of glass bottles is recycled glass bottles.


The glass obtained from recycled glass bottles is mixed with other raw materials to manufacture more glass bottles. This makes them a sustainable manufacturing product with no carbon emissions and use of recycled products. The growing environmental threat has made all such eco-friendly products more desirable.

Popular Glass Bottle Manufacturing Companies in China


Established in 1984, Roetell is among China’s oldest glass manufacturing companies. Roetell manufactures glass containers, glass vessels and jars.

The glass bottles and jars produced by Roetell serve various purposes, such as spray bottles, mist bottles, lotion bottles and diffuser bottles.

Roetell is recognized for the production of quality products both at the national and international levels. Its products are not just easy on the pocket but also sustainable.


It is an e-commerce platform. It caters to products from various niches, such as health, medicine, art and electronics.

Established in 1988, the platform has become a global trading platform. Among hundreds of products, it also manufactures glass bottles.

Why is Gozone the Best Glass Bottle Supplier?

Gozone has been in the glass manufacturing industry for the past ten years. More than a decade of business has made Gozone experienced in this field. Go Zone manufactures the following products:

  • Luxury Perfume Glass bottles
  • Simple Perfume Glass bottles
  • Glass Jars for Bakhoor
  • Essential oil Attar bottle

Let’s have a look at the factors and services that make Gozone the best glass manufacturing company among its competitors:

Strict Quality Control

Gozone follows strict quality control measures to manufacture top-quality finished products. Everything is supervised by a team of experts, from the start-ups to the return of products. Gozone’s team of experts is always ready to address the queries of its customers.

Gozone’s sales support team is so dedicated that they are ready to arrive on the spot and listen to customers’ concerns. Not only this, in case the customer needs any product design or packaging ideas for the future, then the product design team is always ready to help.

Sampling Service

Gozone’s free sampling service is an initiative to ensure the customer receives perfect, flawless products. The customer first shares a picture of the prototype, and Gozone makes a free sample of it. The production of the product starts if the customer approves the sample.

Even during the production process, Gozone will carefully inspect the products to ensure that the product is in accordance with the customer’s demands. Lastly, a random inspection is done before dispatching the product to remove faulty elements.

Product Customization

The current market strategy is driven by customization. Gozone provides glass screen printing and personalization services as well. From making different designs and a variety of sizes, Gozone provides the following services related to glass bottle customization:

  • Electroplating
  • Spraying
  • Bronzing and
  • Water transfer painting.


A perfect glass bottle is transparent, clear and aesthetically pleasing. Although packaging appearance drives quality perception, several factors should be considered to determine the quality of the product, such as the thickness of the lass, quality of raw materials and ability to resist heat.

Thus, before making a bulk, it is better to order a sample to ensure you get good-quality glass bottles.