Although the use of bakhoor rose from the Middle East, it is equally gaining popularity in the West as well. This woody, fragrant material is a beautiful amalgamation of nature with modern-day practical uses. It is not a perfume but a unique form of fragrance with broad-spectrum applications.

But how is it made?

How is it preserved?

Why is it so expensive and popular?

This blog entails answers to all these questions. Do read further.

What is Bakhoor?

When you think about natural aromatic scents, bakhoor first pops into your mind. This fragrant material is wood chips. Soaked in perfume oil and mixed with natural resin and essential oils, it is a popular scent with its origin in the Arabic world and the Middle East.

Mabkhara is the best way to light it up. Yes, it is not a perfume or comes in a perfume bottle. This traditional scent is lit up using charcoal and a lighter. You place a burning red charcoal on the mabkhara and place the backdoor on it’s top. It starts burning slowly, spreading its fragrance all around.

It is an essential ingredient of Arabian get-togethers; it is a symbol of hospitality.

Types of Bakhoor

It comes in a variety of types. Let’s discuss some of them

Incense Sticks

Incense sticks offer the slowest spread of fragrance. Their making is unique. Ground agarwood is mixed with fragrant oil to make incense sticks. The mixture of wood and oil is first shaped into sticks and then dried in sunlight.

Loose Form

Yes, you read it right. Loose bakhoor comes in the form of coins or small balls. Pick a coin or ball and place it on the charcoal piece. It burns slowly, spreading the fragrance all around.

Natural Wood Chips

As the name implies, these are natural chips of agarwood. The fragrance of natural wood chips also differs depending upon the aromatic properties of the differs. Because they are one hundred percent natural, they are very rare and quite expensive.



The use of bakhoor in aromatherapy is becoming popular. It is an important component of meditation and relaxation. It is because it provides calmness to the nervous system.

Although its use in aromatherapy is not gender-specific, women appreciate it more than men. It has a therapeutic impact on people. It stimulates the human body and its consciousness.

2.Air Purification

Burning bakhoor in the home purifies the environment. It spreads a pleasant scent in the surroundings, making the air clean and healthy to breathe.

It improves the overall air quality, making it healthier to breathe. Its scented smell reduces any unpleasant odor from your surroundings.

To create a unique and captivating scent experience in your home, you can use bakhoor with oud perfumes and oud candles.

3.Portrays Luxury

The aroma of this fragrant material is not like just any other scent. It is exclusive. It has a luxurious feel to it, which no perfume can provide. It still needs to be a perfume, the feel it gives is unmatchable.

It has a rich and complex aroma, which is indescribable. Using a Mabkhoor for burning it further enhances the luxurious feel.

The use of glass bottles in preserving bathroom

Bakhoor is preserved and sold in glass bottles. These glass bottles are of various shapes and sizes depending upon the quantity of material. Glass bottles are trendy and sustainable. But why is it preserved in glass bottles? Why not any other material?

Let’s look at the useful properties of glass that make it the best material for preserving bakhoor.

1.Chemical Stability

A lot of other packaging materials need to be chemically stable. They react with the packaged substances and change the odor and chemical composition. However, glass is different.

Glass is a chemically stable substance. It does not react with the material inside it. It pres, serves it in its or its form. It reduces the problems that result from volatilization.

When bakhoor is preserved inside a glass bottle, its fragrance and texture remain intact. This makes glass bottles a suitable packaging for bakhoor.

2.Variety of structures and shapes

By changing the mold during manufacturing, you can create any size and shape of glass bottles.

Glass bottles are available in a huge variety of structures and shapes. Contact a glass bottle wholesale manufacturer and the type of glass bottle you want.

De[ending upon the theme of your brand, you might need custom-made glass bottles for the bakhoor. Glass bottles for bakhoor are sleek and small with screw lids. They are sometimes ornamental with a metallic finish and branding from the outside.

3.Preservation of aromatic essence

The most critical factor in bakhoor preservation is keeping its fragrance intact. That is why glass is used in its packaging. Glass packaging keeps the material inside intact. It is impermeable; therefore, it does not let fluctuations in the external environment affect the material inside.

That is why the bakhoor preserved inside a glass bottle does not lose its aroma. It remains unaffected by changes in the external environment. These changes include temperature changes and exposure to sunlight.

4.Prevent humidity

Humidity can have a very harsh effect on the Bakhoor. It can make it moldy, sticky and even brittle. Therefore, bakhoor packaging should be such that it remains unharmed from the effects of humidity.

Glass bottles with airtight lids are the best solution to this problem. They keep the bakhoor safe from the harmful effects of humidity. This makes the bakhoor last longer in its original incense.

5.Luxury Appearance

Bakhoor is itself a luxury fragrance. It is not just like any other fragrance. For something as elite as Bakhoor, the packaging must also be luxurious.

Glass has always been used for premium packaging. Glass bottles provide a unique aesthetic appeal. This luxury appearance makes glass a suitable packaging material for Bakhoor.


From aromatherapy to enlightening your nervous system and purifying the air, bakhoor is a modern-day fragrance with ancient roots. A symbol of hospitality, this unique fragrance material is preserved in glass bottles.

Glass bottles have all the important characteristics for keeping bakhoor intact in its original form. They protect it from harsh environmental effects. They also provide a variety of packaging and branding options to manufacturers and brands.