Malaysia Glass Jar Manufacturer Recommendation

Malaysia Glass Jar Manufacturer Recommendation

Malaysia Glass Jar Manufacturer Recommendation

Glass containers are more than just vessels; they’re a blend of art and science. Malaysia, with its evolving industrial landscape, has been a significant contributor to this blend. Factories here have been producing containers that find their way into our kitchens, pharmacies, and even dressing tables. As the world leans more towards sustainable choices, the value of these glass containers only amplifies.

O-I BJB Glass Malaysia

O-I BJB Glass Malaysia, situated in Johor Bahru, was founded in 1961. It’s a partnership between two big names: the US-based Owen-Illinois (O-I) and Thailand’s Berli-Jucker Public Co. (BJC).

The factory specializes in crafting glass packaging, catering to various industries like food, beverages, pharmaceuticals, and alcohol. Their main markets are Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam.

The factory is impressive in scale, boasting 3 large furnaces and 8 dedicated production lines. With over 450 skilled workers, their output is substantial.

They offer a wide variety of glass products. From bottles and jars in shades of green, flint, and amber to various sizes that range from a tiny 3ml to a large 1L capacity.

One of the unique services O-I BJB provides is assistance in design. Customers can get support, be it in 3D drawings or creating initial prototypes. This complete package of product and service makes them a go-to choice for many businesses.

Jargeous Sdn Bhd

Jargeous Sdn Bhd is a recognized name in the Malaysian glass container industry. Based in Malaysia, they specialize in crafting a variety of glass containers suited for different sectors.

Their product line includes bottles designed specifically for essential oils, sturdy glass jars ideal for cosmetics, and containers made for the precise needs of the pharmaceutical sector.

Each product from Jargeous stands as a testament to their commitment to quality. The range is vast, but the consistency in craftsmanship is evident across all items. Beyond the products, what sets Jargeous apart is their client-centric approach.

In the competitive landscape of Malaysia’s glass packaging market, Jargeous Sdn Bhd holds a significant position. Their blend of product diversity and dedicated customer service makes them a preferred choice for many.

Glass Bottles Malaysia by Mizitco

Glass Bottles Malaysia by Mizitco, situated strategically in Malaysia, has grown into an iconic figure in the glass container industry.

From the intricately designed bottles housing the fragrant essential oils to the durable jars perfectly cradling cosmetics, their versatility doesn’t end there. They also craft containers tailored for pharmaceutical essentials, ensuring both safety and integrity.

Their expansive facility is equipped to churn out products ranging in design, color, and size. Among their standout products are the slim 10ml essential oil vials, the 250ml amber jars popular among cosmetic brands, and the 500ml clear bottles favored by pharmaceutical companies.

More than a manufacturer, Mizitco extends their expertise to assist clients in selecting the optimal packaging solution, combining both form and function.

Qualitypack Sdn Bhd

Qualitypack Sdn Bhd, a recognized name in Malaysia’s glass container manufacturing scene, has been serving various industries with top-tier packaging solutions. Strategically positioned within Malaysia’s industrial hub, they’ve been an instrumental partner for businesses in sectors like cosmetics, food, and pharmaceuticals.

Equipped with state-of-the-art machinery, they have the capability to produce a wide array of products. Their offerings range from sleek glass bottles, designed to hold everything from essential oils to beverages, to robust jars apt for cosmetics or edible products. Notably, among their popular items are the 20ml transparent essential oil bottles, 400ml amber jars favored by skincare brands, and the sturdy 750ml bottles commonly used for syrups and sauces.

Additionally, Qualitypack Sdn Bhd goes beyond mere manufacturing, offering clients a comprehensive service that includes design consultations and prototyping, ensuring every product is a perfect fit.


Glasspak is a distinguished entity in the realm of glass container manufacturing within Malaysia. Situated in one of the nation’s key industrial zones, it has consistently delivered top-notch glass packaging solutions to a diverse range of industries, from cosmetics and food to health sectors.

Their advanced production facility is designed to handle intricate bottle designs and robust jar creations alike. Their catalog showcases the elegant 50ml perfume bottles, which have become a staple for many fragrance brands.

Additionally, the resilient 600ml amber jars are a go-to for culinary enterprises, preserving the freshness of their contents. Meanwhile, the pharmaceutical industry often leans towards their 350ml containers, lauding their precision and quality.

Furthermore, Glasspak isn’t just about manufacturing; they also engage closely with their clientele, offering design guidance to ensure each container seamlessly aligns with its intended product and brand image.


China, GoZone has carved a niche for itself in the glass packaging industry with over ten years of distinguished experience. Beyond mere manufacturing, GoZone boasts an adept design team, continually introducing fresh and inventive designs to its collection.

Each product undergoes rigorous scrutiny by their specialized quality control team, ensuring only the best reach their clients. Their diverse product lineup features everything from elegant perfume bottles and handy glass jars to luxurious crystal bottles and durable plastic containers.

Recognized and trusted by prominent brands across Europe and the Middle East, their reputation speaks for itself. The presence of an in-house zinc alloy factory and modern production lines underpins their promise of a consistent.


This article illuminates the best of glass container production in Malaysia. Showcasing a spectrum of products and a dedication to quality, our selected manufacturers reflect the industry’s excellence. Their storied collaborations and diverse offerings make them standouts in the field.