Consider you are a glass perfume bottle manufacturing company. You have manufactured bulk glass perfume bottles.

Unfortunately, this is your first shipment, and the storage staff has accidentally stored the boxes in a warehouse that has humidity. There is no bubble wrap between the bottles in the boxes. Do you know what will happen?


Your whole shipment will get damaged due to breakage or cracks because no protective measures were taken during storage. Transportation of such bottles will cause nothing but more damage. Damage not just to glass perfume bottles but also to the company’s reputation.

This is how much careful storage and transportation of glass perfume bottles is important. To prevent this damage, learn about the essential protective measures to keep your bottles damage-free. This blog is all about safe storage and carefully transporting glass perfume bottles.

Importance of careful packaging of glass perfume bottle

Glass has a prominent importance across several industries. Several properties of glass make it a vital component for industrial use.

Recyclability, beauty and durability are some of the features that make its use vital. The way it can keep products such as perfumes and medicines fresh and safe for a longer time makes it unique and useful.

However, with several pros come some cons. This beautiful-looking material is prone to damage by breaking. Therefore, it is important to handle it with care.

Especially in the perfume and cosmetics industry, where glass perfume bottles are packed and dispatched almost daily in bulk. The manufacturers need to keep each glass perfume bottle safe and damage-free.

Damage to glass perfume bottles can occur in various ways:

  • Each glass perfume bottle, if not handled well, can have cracks.
  • If not packed properly, it can cause scratches.
  • It can, of course, break and cause leakage.

Best Glass perfume bottle packaging solutions

Following certain dos and don’ts can counter the potential risks of glass perfume bottles. Perfumes contain essential oils, alcohol and fragrance. All these are sensitive to light and temperature. Not just these, but the glass bottles themselves are very sensitive. A mild jerk can cause it to break if not handled properly.

The before-stated glass breakage risks can be minimized using the following best practices. Let’s have a look at each of them separately:

Storage place:

Ensure that the glass perfume bottle is stored in a cool, dark place and free from moisture. The reason to store in a cool and dark place is to reduce the potential damage from light exposure and temperature fluctuations.

Moreover, humidity has adverse effects on the chemical composition of perfumes. It can alter the strength of the fragrance note by changing the chemical composition of essential oils.

Using the Right Storage Equipment:

Using the right storage equipment can help carefully organize glass perfume bottles. This equipment includes pallets, shelving units, and racks. To avoid breakage through slipping, it is important that the surface of storage equipment is non-slippery.

Do Not Stack Perfume Bottles

To avoid breakage, glass perfume bottles should be stored in single layers in containers. There should be sufficient space between them. Do not stack bottles over each other, as this can lead to breakage and damage.

Labeling and Tracking of Inventory:

Accurate tracking and storage of glass inventory is crucial to its safety. For this, it is important to do proper labeling so that every container is easily identifiable.

FIFO system:

The FIFO system means first in, first out system. The crux of this system is to sell the old glass inventory perfume. This is implementable, especially in the wholesale glass perfume bottle business where bulk inventory is available.

Glass perfume bottles should sell the old and new inventory. This reduces the potential risk of damage and breakage and keeps the inventory fresh.

Best Glass perfume bottle transporting solutions

Transportation of bulk glass perfume bottles can be a real challenge. Glass perfume bottles are prone to breaking and damage during the loading and unloading of containers. However, all these potential risks can be reduced by following some precautions.

Using the Right Vehicle for Transportation:

Transportation vehicles for glass perfume bottles should be appropriately equipped. They should have air ride suspensions. Air ride suspensions reduce the vibrations and thus the risk of potential damage.

Right Packaging Materials:

Using bubble wrap, foam, or any other corrugated material can reduce the risk of damage during transportation. These materials provide extra cushioning to the bottles. It is important to first wrap the mouth or lid portion of the glass perfume bottle by using a bubble wrap. This prevents any leakage in case of damage.

Check the Humidity and Heat:

Even during transportation, temperature fluctuations and moisture exposure can damage the glass perfume bottles. Therefore, it is important to monitor both during the transportation process.

Prevent Movement:

Any movement during transportation can cause damage to glass perfume bottles. However, you can easily avoid this by using straps or other restraints.

Choosing the Right Type of Box

The most common boxes for transporttransportingtles are cardboard boxes and plastic bins. Vacuum seal boxes are also an important source of safe packaging for glass perfume bottles.

Since it is important to keep glass perfume bottles safe from the adverse effects of heat, you need a material that keeps them cool. For this purpose, you can use polystyrene ice boxes.

Adding an ice pack inside the box is also useful to keep the glass perfume bottles cold.

Good packaging indicates the quality standards of the manufacturing company. Therefore if you want to win loyal customers make sure to deliver damage free products.


To maintain the quality of glass perfume bottles, both safe storage and transportation are necessary. You must strictly follow some protocols to prevent breakage and damage to glass perfume bottles.

Maintaining the optimum level of heat and moisture is necessary. Careful organization in the storage box is also important. The right storage equipment and vehicle selection are also crucial to keep the glass perfume bottles damage-free.