How to choose the right glass perfume bottle for your business

How to choose the right glass perfume bottle for your business

How to choose the right glass perfume bottle for your business

The present consumer market is all about good packaging. The same is the case with the selection of perfume bottles. Consumers believe what they see. A glass perfume bottle in beautiful glass packaging with a sleek structure has a probability of attracting more customers.

Along with the quality, color and composition of glass used in glass perfume bottles, there are several other factors that you should consider while choosing a perfume bottle for your brand. Let’s analyze each factor separately, starting from the history of perfume bottles.

Evolution of Perfume Bottles- A Historical Perspective

The evolution of perfume bottles takes us back to the 17th and 18th Century Europe. During that period, the aristocracies and monarchies of Europe considered perfume a necessity.

Smelling good was a part of their everyday life. Until the 18th century, people used perfume in its solid state.

In the 18th century, liquid perfume was created. The makers used vinegar or alcohol as a base to convert solid perfume into liquid. But with the change in fashion and mindset of people, scented waters were given preference over strong-smelling perfume.

This led to the carrying of strong-smelling perfumes into glass flasks. These flasks were called vinaigrettes. The vinaigrettes became the basis of the glass perfume bottles we find today.

Until the 19th century, the use of various materials for the making of perfume bottles became common. These include porcelain, glass and even plastic.

What is the Best Shape for a Glass Perfume Bottle?

People who love perfumes see them as a complete story. For them, every aspect of the perfume has some meaning. From the shape of the bottle to the color of the glass and the scent itself, everything has a target. Each characteristic is made to target a specific type of audience.

The glass perfume bottles for women are usually round or oval in shape. Bulky, cylindrical or rectangular shapes are targeted at men. Every bottle is made considering the consumer preferences of a specific target group.

Oval Shapes

Oval-shaped glass perfume bottles are often associated with timeless elegance. Oval-shaped perfume bottles evoke a sense of nostalgia. Such consumers are mature. They love the feeling of going back in time.

Quirky Shapes

Quirky-shaped perfume bottles are targeted at consumers who love the wow factor. Such consumers are adventurous and young in age. Quirky-shaped glass perfume bottles are mostly asymmetrical.

They might resemble some objects or be completely abstract in shape. Quirky-shaped perfume bottles are appreciated by people who love something different.


Consumers who appreciate convenience over luxury like miniature perfume bottles. Such consumers are usually on the go.

The best part about miniature perfume bottles is that they can be taken along easily. Be it a handbag or a small pocket of briefcase, they are really easy to carry and catch up.


They include luxury perfumes. Such perfume bottle designs are meant to target consumers who want to stand apart from the crowd. These aren’t just perfume bottles but statement pieces on a dressing table.

Factors to consider when Choosing a Glass Perfume Bottle

Well-shaped curves and excellent reflection power make glass perfume bottles an icon of luxury. Have you ever wondered why glass is the best choice for perfume bottles?

It is because when a perfume bottle is filled in the glass perfume bottle, it does not react with the glass.

However, certain characteristics should be considered when choosing a glass perfume bottle. Let’s have a quick read about them.

Purity of the Glass

A beautiful glass perfume bottle should be clear, transparent and crisp in its design. All these factors depend upon the glass composition used in its production.

Thus, the composing materials of the glass, such as dolomite, lime and silica, have to be in perfect proportions. They should be clear of all impurities as well. The better the quality of raw materials, the better the clarity of the glass bottle.


The best part about perfume glass bottles is that they are reusable. During manufacturing, an extra protective spray layer is added to increase their resistance. This makes them more durable. Durable perfume bottles contribute to sustainability. Because they can be re-used and re-filled


Personalization drives consumer preferences and decision-making these days. Brands offering customized perfume bottles are certainly getting more sales. Getting a perfume bottle in your choice of glass, color and shape is certainly the best experience of your life.

Luxurious Feeling

Glass perfume bottles add to the aesthetics of the product. Double-walled glass with a solid base gives a luxurious touch to perfume bottles. If a glass perfume bottle is heavy, the consumer might perceive it to be high quality.

Brands use the structure and weight of glass bottles for product differentiation and brand identification. Perfume bottles with big heights and stronger bases are perceived to be more durable.

Aesthetically pleasing glass perfume bottles enhance the shelf presence.

Other Factors


When choosing a perfume bottle for your brand, choose a size that matches your brand’s identity. For example, if you are launching miniature perfume bottles, then you should, ofcourse, use small and handy glass perfume bottles.


Again, the shape of the glass perfume bottle should depict the consumer mindset you are targeting. If the brand targets male consumers, then the perfume bottle’s shape should be rectangular or bulky.


Try choosing a spray or pump that lets easy, uniform and smooth outlet of the perfume. The color and shape of these pumps and sprays should more beautify the bottle. Golden, Silver, Black, White etc., they come in various colors.


Again, caps are an important component of a perfume bottle. The shape and color of the cap also attract different consumers. For example, if you are targeting female consumers, then you should choose cylindrical-shaped caps with a bulging curve.

For male consumers, it is better to choose caps that are hexagonal or rectangular in shape. They are usually brown, black or golden in color.


Glass perfume bottles have had a significant impact on shaping consumer behavior since their evolution. Over the period, each characteristic of a glass perfume bottle communicates a message about the brand.

Different types, structures and shapes of glass perfume bottles attract different segments of consumers. Therefore, choose a bottle that conveys your brand message properly and gives your brand a unique identity.