How Do I Re-Use A Glass Diffuser Bottle?

How Do I Re-Use A Glass Diffuser Bottle?

How Do I Re-Use A Glass Diffuser Bottle?

Are you interested in collecting essential oils and glass diffuser bottles? You might have many bottles and wonder what to do with that glass diffuser bottle collection.

Here, we will guide you on how to keep these bottles in use.

Glass diffuser bottles are an aesthetic investment if you are fond of creativity. But for that, you need to clean them thoroughly. Here, we will share some tips to clean them to make them reusable.

This blog shares some creative ways to repurpose those bottles. You can then keep them in the home or workplace or make a cute gift for someone.

How to Clean Glass Diffuser Bottles?

Thorough cleaning is the preliminary step in using a glass diffuser bottle. A deep cleaning is necessary to eliminate any old smell, especially if the bottle has essential oils. If that is the case, cleaning the bottle can be challenging.

Here is a step-by-step guide to cleaning essential oil bottles properly.

Collect the tools

The first step for cleaning is to gather all the tools required for the process. The following items will be required in the cleaning process.

  • Bowls

You require big bowls to dip the glass bottles well enough to eliminate the old essential oil or perfume smell. The number of bowls required depends on the size of the glass diffuser bottle. It also depends on how many glass diffuser bottles you need to clean.

  • Hot water

When it comes to cleaning, hot water is a savior. It can dissolve tough smells, remove stains, and work well with any substance.

However, you need enough hot water to mix with vinegar and dish soap; one part of the water will be used for the rinsing process.

  • Vinegar

Vinegar is amazing for getting rid of odors and grease. It is used in various cleaning remedies for its brilliant results. Vinegar takes away the smell, and it leaves the glass bottles shining.

  • Liquid soap

Good quality liquid or dish soap also helps clean glass bottles.

  • Baking soda

If the smell is not going away with vinegar and dishwashing liquid, then you must use baking soda. Dilute it with hot water and add a few drops of vinegar. Put this mixture in the bottle and rest for a few hours. This magic remedy is well-known for cleaning glass bottles.

Dismantling the bottle

Next, you must separate or dismantle all parts of the glass diffuser bottle. Be it the lid, the pipe, the glass piping, or the dropper lids, you need to separate everything. You even have to pull out the plastic tubing.

Soak it in water

Now, you have to soak the glass bottle parts in hot water. Let it stay there for at least five to ten minutes.

Scrub it well

Scrubbing is also an essential part of the cleaning process. For this, you require small brushes. Use mini brushes to wash the small parts of diffuser glass bottles.

Rinse and Dry

Once you scrub the bottles, it is time to rinse them with a final round of water. Finally, leave them to dry, and the bottles are ready to use.

Wash the Decorative Accessories

Take advantage of the decorative accessories! Your glass diffuser bottle might have pretty charms and tassels. We recommend washing the decorative accessories well. These little details add elegance when you re-use bottles to spruce up your interior setup.

However, if the bottles have few items holding the scent, you might decide to discard the extra stuff. You can also buy embellishments from the store

7 Creative Ways to Re-use a Glass Diffuser Bottle

There are different ways in which you can re-use a glass diffuser bottle. Here, we are sharing some creative ones you might want to try.

Turning them into Flower Vases

One of the most favorite ways to repurpose a glass diffuser bottle is to use it as a flower vase. If you are fond of having flowers, then the bottles will serve as an amazing decoration piece.

Use flowers according to the size of the bottle. Trim the stems so that they fit properly in the container. Add a few pebbles to the vase to enhance the look. You can either use a single bottle or several bottles and place them on a rack.


Do you prefer scented spaces for a relaxing time? These glass bottles for diffusers can also be repurposed for aromatherapy purposes.

Just fill it up with your preferred essential oil. Then, put some bamboo sticks through the bottle’s neck. The oil will wick up the stick, and the scent will spread.

Room Fragrance

Empty glass diffuser bottles can also be turned into room fragrance options.

Add a light scent to the bottles. Make sure to add a spray nozzle for proper dispersion. Spray time and again for a fresh fragrance lingering in the room.

Storage Containers

There always needs to be more storage containers in the house. Feel free to repurpose this clean glass diffuser bottle as a storage container.

Fill it with your herbs and spices for kitchen use.

For a vintage-inspired look, toss some dried petals into the glass bottles.

Liquid Soap Dispensers

Another way to utilize the glass diffuser bottle is to fill it with liquid soap. Show your creative side by adding various liquid soap flavors for a customized effect. Cover it with a nozzle, and you are good to go. Your liquid soap dispenser is ready.


Planters are an attractive decorative element if you love greenery. Add some fresh plants to the glass diffuser bottle and save money. These glass bottles will become an eye-catching point in the house.

Moreover, plants radiate positive energy in the house. They also cleanse the impurities from the air. So, this is a beneficial idea in so many ways.

Candle Holders

Glass jars make cute candleholders as well. They can be used for home decoration and make cute impressions at parties.

These candle holders also serve as a meaningful gift. You can customize it by putting a name tag around the neck of the bottle for a more personalized effect.


Re-using glass diffuser bottles is a practical and eco-friendly way to enhance the beauty of any space. This way, you can enjoy watching these glass containers for a long time.

After cleaning well, these bottles can serve various creative purposes, as shared above. So instead of throwing away the glass bottles for diffuser, ensure you re-use them efficiently.