How Custom Perfume Packaging Increases Brand Visibility

How Custom Perfume Packaging Increases Brand Visibility

How Custom Perfume Packaging Increases Brand Visibility

Do you know the reason behind the popularity of Mon Purse?

This is because the brand offers customers the option to customize their bags according to their designs. The customer gets the freedom to choose every single detail about their purse. Custom perfume packaging has the same reason behind it i.e. giving the customers the freedom to choose.

The same is the case with Netflix.

Netflix offers a customized view to every user where they see shows according to their preferences.

What if you are interested in comedy, but Netflix shows you options for horror movies? You would hate it. This is what product customization is.

This blog is all about how product customization increases brand visibility among the target customers in the context of custom perfume packaging.

What is Product Customization?

Product customization has a very simple definition. It is creating a product that serves a customer’s tailored needs and desires. It provides several designs and details of a single product. Not just products; it can also be services. Everything is in accordance with specific demands of the consumer.

Product customization has gained popularity in the e-commerce business in the past few years. Customers can add special features, add-ons, colours or designs to their products according to their choice. They can either customize products themselves or even ask the business to do it.

Custom Perfume Packaging

Glass perfume bottles are dominating the perfume bottle industry these days. The special features of glass have made it the best choice for perfume bottle manufacturing.

The customization feature has yet to spare the perfume bottle industry. In fact, perfume bottle manufacturers are using customization to increase brand visibility.

Through custom perfume packaging, perfume bottle manufacturers can also attract more customers.

Let’s see how the customization of glass perfume bottles is carried out.

Getting the Idea

The idea is the first step of product development. Each perfume brand has some idea related to their product. It can be about the colour of the perfume bottle. Brands can also suggest a unique logo. Most important is the appearance and design of the glass perfume bottle.

Brands share their thoughts about the design of their glass perfume bottles with the manufacturers.

Making the Technical Drawing

To make sure that the production process of glass perfume bottles goes smoothly, the technical team makes a technical drawing. The technical drawing gives an idea of whether the demanded design by the brand is practically possible or not.


A prototype is similar to a sample shared with the client before bulk production. If the client agrees with the prototype, the production team manufactures the bottles in bulk. Usually, the prototype is shared with the client as a 3D drawing with the help of a 3D Printer.

Customization is not just limited to glass perfume bottles. Instead, it also includes custom perfume packaging. Each brand has a different custom perfume box that is unique in color, design, logo, printing and a lot of other features. These custom perfume boxes represent the unique story behind each brand.

Impact of perfume bottle customization on increasing brand’s visibility

Popularity among Customers

Customization is the most convenient way to touch customers’ emotions and hearts. Of course, when a product or service serves the customers’ exact needs, why wouldn’t they love it?

That’s what product customization is about. Suppose a perfume brand offers the customers to get customized perfume bottles with the option of name or message engraving. The customers will definitely love the idea. They will adore it even more if it comes with the option of custom perfume packaging.

This makes the brands more popular among the customers and increases their liking for it.

Increase in Customer Loyalty

Product customization gives customers complete control over their products. This control is the reason why customers are more loyal towards a particular brand. Customer loyalty is among the most important advantages of product customization.

A perfume bottle manufacturer offering custom perfume packaging and creating tailored products gets more loyal customers. Customers prefer to try a new manufacturer only sometimes. Instead, they want to stick to the one that is fulfilling all their demands.

Skyrocketing Sales

More sales, more profits, and more business!

Research by Deloitte indicates that thirty-six per cent % of customers prefer to buy custom-made products. Some customers are so fond of customized products that they are ready to pay any amount for them.

Product customization lies at the crux of the perfume industry as well. Some clients might like to order customized perfume bottles for Christmas gifts.

Some brands might like to launch a specific product line with custom perfume packaging and fragrance. Obviously, the manufacturer who will offer these customization services will be able to make more sales.

More Marketing through Word of Mouth

Word of mouth is another BIG reason behind a brand’s popularity among the consumers. If customers are satisfied with a product or a service, they will recommend it to others. This will help a brand gain more customers.

Studies indicate that when customers get the opportunity to customize a product, they are more likely to recommend it to others.

Knowing more about Customers


Product customization is an important source to gain more knowledge about your customers. Be it interests, likes or perceptions, you get to know everything a customer needs.

For example, consider custom perfume packaging. By knowing which particular glass perfume bottles the customers are ordering and which glass colour they are interested more brands can know about customers’ preferences.

Industry Trends and Future Outlooks

Trends in the Perfume Packaging Industry

Technological advancement has brought drastic changes in the trends in the perfume packaging industry. Different types of glass screening and printing techniques have lead to various types of trends in designs and packaging. The present consumer is smarter and more aware. What drives the perfume market across the globe is:

  • Innovative brand awareness
  • More focus of consumers on skin care products and routine
  • Creative advertising strategies.

The innovation of glass perfume bottles is the latest trend in the perfume bottle industry. With consumer’s more focus on sustainable product packaging glass is the most appealing choice. Not just because glass is eco-friendly but it can also be modified into beautifully shaped and curved perfume bottles.

Potential Impact of Customized packaging in future

The packaging of a perfume should be such that it explains the product by just looking at it. Perfume manufacturing companies use their packaging as a reference point that convinces the customers’ purchase decisions.

The importance of perfume packaging can be judged from the fact that the market value of global fragrance packaging market in 2023 was 2.8 billion USD. This market value is expected to reach 4.1 Billion USD in 2031.

According to the latest marketing trends customized packaging lets brands establish a unique identity. Custom made packaging with unique designs, colors and themes are the present and future of innovative advertisement. Customized packaging helps brands grab their customer’s attention. It also influences their buying intentions.

Successful Cases of Customized Packaging

Brand Success Stories through Customized Packaging

To have a clearer understanding let’s explore the case study of Birchbox. Birchbox is an e-commerce business that deals in subscription boxes. What started from a small online presence has attained the status of a popular brand. How?

All because of customized and creative packaging ideas.

First of all Birchbox gives customers the freedom to choose products tailored to their demands from its huge collection of cosmetic and personal care products.

Next it has endless options in packaging from floral designs to creative patterns and what not. What makes it even more attractive is that for every customer Birchbox offers different packaging. It means no duplicate packaging.

Customers find this packaging idea very appealing and so they can’t help themselves purchasing from Birchbox.

How Brands Enhance their Market Position through packaging Design

Through unique and creative product packaging brands can enhance their market position. They can establish their personal brand identity. This is how:

  • The unique packaging should include elements that reflect the brand’s values.
  • Product packaging should evoke the same emotions in the consumer as the product does.
  • Packaging should be designed in such a way that it reflects the brand’s unique craftsmanship.
  • Make customers feel special by adding customized notes.

Another important strategy that brands use to enhance their market position is by using sustainable packaging materials. Channel is the best example in this regard. The luxury perfume brand is always known for it’s sustainable packaging solutions.

Not just perfume bottle is made of glass which is sustainable but now the polished brass strip on it’s “Chance” range is replaced by anodized Aluminum. Why/ Simply because aluminum is light weight and more environmental friendly.


Custom perfume packaging is an innovative and latest trend to meet the tailored needs and desires of consumers. Some customers are selective about colours, and some about curves and shapes. Others might want different sizes of perfume bottles.

Similarly, some might want a special logo printed on the perfume bottles. Manufacturers use glass bottle screen printing to print customized logos and brand names on perfume bottles. These customization techniques increase brand awareness and visibility. It also helps in gaining more customer satisfaction and an increase in sales.