Customized candle jars are the latest trend that is gaining popularity with time; consumers and marketers both endorse the idea of making customized candle jars. You see them everywhere. The introduction of scented candles, colorful waxes and fascinating designs of candle jars have revolutionized the candle manufacturing industry.

This blog is a treat for candle enthusiasts and entrepreneurs. If you plan to launch your own business of customized candle jars, then read further. It includes all the information and steps you need to follow to make perfect candle jars and a successful business.

Why are Customized Candle Jars Popular?

You don’t need to be a candle enthusiast to have a love of candles. You can be a homeowner or a shop owner as well. Who doesn’t love candles, especially when they are aesthetically pleasing and scented?

What makes candles even more special is that they are customizable. These days, the trend of placing customizable candle jars has gained importance. You visit a restaurant and see customized candle jars on the dinner table. You see them on bookshelves. You can order customized candle jars and gift them to your loved ones.

From store shelves to your bedroom console, candle jars are everywhere.

We live in an era of branding and marketing. This is the main reason behind the popularity of customized candle jars. Many entrepreneurs are entering the business because of the increased trend among consumers.

Customizable candle jars help entrepreneurs establish a unique brand identity by turning their creative ideas into reality.

Preparing the Containers

The making of customizable candle jars follows some important preliminary steps. Follow these steps to ensure the quality of the final product is maintained. Let’s have a look at each of these steps:

1.Wiping the Interior

It is better to wipe the interior of the candle jar before putting the wax in it. You can wipe it using dry tissue paper. Even rubbing a little bit of alcohol can also clean it. This removes any dust particles if present. This also makes it better to stick to the surface of the container.

2.Cleaning the Exterior

Well, this is the simplest step of all. Use a wet cloth or tissue paper to clean the bottle’s exterior.

3.Heat the Jars

Heating the jars before putting candle wax in them has several advantages. It removes any air bubbles, frosting and wet spots. For heating, place the jar in a warm oven. You can also use a heating lamp or a heat gun.

Selecting the best Material for containers


Glass is the most popular choice for making customizable candle jars. Do you know why?

Of course, because glass is heat resistant. However, choosing the right type of glass is more important. For example, avoiding using drinking glass, vine glass, or glass vases for making candle jars is better. It is because these types of glass are thin and delicate.

For making customized candle jars, the best choice is mason jars. This is because Mason jars have a smooth finish. They are also able to withstand temperatures as high as 250F.


Concrete is usually mentioned in construction projects. Why is a material as hard as concrete used for making customizable candle jars?

The useful properties of concrete make it an important substance for candle jar customization.

Concrete is suitable for making candle jars because it is:

  • Leakproof
  • Sturdy
  • Heat resistan

A major drawback of concrete is that it is porous. Therefore, before putting candle wax in it, makers should ensure it is sealed properly.


Metal is a good choice for candle making, especially for beginners. It is because metal is opaque. Nobody can see the color of the wax inside. This hides imperfections, if any exist.

Also, metal tins are available in a variety of colors and designs. They are also pretty easy to label.

However, since metals have the ability to absorb heat, they might become hot when the candle is lit. It is, therefore, necessary to mention caution on the labeling to ensure product safety.


Several good properties of ceramic make it an ideal choice for making customizable candle jars. These include:

  • Ceramic can withstand high temperatures
  • It is nonporous
  • It is sealed properly
  • Ceramic is safe to use in a microwave
  • It is dishwasher-friendly
  • Most importantly, it is very long-lasting.

If you have a favorite ceramic piece available in your home and want to use it as a candle jar, go for it; all you have to do is seal it before putting in candle wax. This assures that there is no leakage. What is a better use than making your favorite ceramic piece a beautiful candle jar?

Labeling the Customized Candle Jars

Packaging and labeling are important. Have you ever wondered why you choose a particular product when you have other options available?

It is because the product appeals to you. What you see are packaging and labeling. This means that packaging and labeling influence consumers’ purchase decisions. Here are some important facts about labeling customizable candle jars.

Include basic information

Basic information includes more than just name of the product and the manufacturing company. Instead, it goes an omg way than that.

Basic information includes:

  • Mentioning everything about the customized candle jars, such as net weight, the name of the scent, burning duration, etc.
  • Including important information about the manufacturing company, such as name and address.
  • It also includes a list of the components that make the candle.

Select an appropriate color scheme

The color scheme says it all. Make sure to use appealing colors that identify with your brand. The color scheme of the label should resonate with the customer’s mindset.

Choosing an appropriate color scheme is important for proper branding. A lot of important steps, such as consumer purchase decisions and branding, are associated with color schemes; therefore, be wise!

Remember warning labels

Although customers are mature and informed, the company should never be careless while informing them about potential hazards.

This is what the warning signs are for.

“Burn within sight” is an important warning that is mentioned on most of the labels. Then comes keep the candle away from the reach of children. Do not place the candle near any flammable object, etc.

These are just a few caution or warning signs, yet the customers should be responsible while lighting candles.


There is no rocket science behind creating customized candle jars, yet certain steps must be performed carefully. Everything needs to be done carefully, from the selection of container material to labeling and branding. A perfect product goes hand in hand with appealing packaging. If you plan to launch your customized candle business, now is the right time!