Boxes for perfume are a prominent way to stand out from the competition. The perfume industry has become extremely competitive. Fragrance alone is not enough to beat the competition.

At this stage custom perfume boxes take the lead. Custom perfume boxes give a unique impression to the perfume than rest of the brands on the shelf.

This blog focusses on custom boxes for perfume. It describes how custom perfume boxes can uplift brand identity and provide competitive edge.

Storytelling through Branding

Nowadays brands are using storytelling technique to attract customers. The vision, mission and values of a perfume company resonate with the target audience. They connect with their consumers emotionally.

Perfume fragrance represent the personality of the person using it. Therefore, perfume packaging should convey special meanings. It should offer a memorable purchase experience. Attractive perfume packaging lifts up the status of the brand as well.

Below are some of the steps which brands can use to create attractive boxes for perfume:

1.Personalized Printing

Personalized printing on both glass perfume bottles and their external packaging are the key to effective branding. Printing should be high class. Personalized printing create a unique brand image in the customer’s mind. Inspired by the perfume the customer will identify from the first look which brand to buy.

2.Designing the Logo

Perfume boxes are advertising materials that are kept on the shelf. There are various ways to add a personalized touch to the perfume boxes. Brands can push creative boundaries to design an exclusive logo, starting with the logo. Moreover, a tagline can bring more depth to the design.

3.Choosing the Material

The material is the most important consideration when designing a perfume box. Cardboard boxes are lightweight and offer versatile design options. Different options include a matte touch and metallic or glittery effect for a classy look.


While some brands like sticking to classic designs, they can opt for a simple cardboard box. In short, you must decide how much branding you want to offer on the custom perfume box.


Note that the aesthetics of perfume boxes are vital. So, choose a font that is visually appealing and easy to read. Select a suitable font style that speaks of creativity.

Packaging Details

The perfume industry is saturated, and perfumers want to stand out. For this reason, they should emphasize packaging details. Investing in a creative perfume box allows you to make a lasting impression that increases sales.

1.The Unboxing Trend

Customers are following the trend of “unboxing” products on social media. So, it’s time to ditch the boring packing and design a classy custom perfume box that grabs attention.

As these boxes carry delicate bottles, the box material should be sturdy. You can also add a quote or design inside the box.

2.Importance of Color

Color is an important element in designing a perfume box. This decision is also based on the perfume that goes in the box. The box can be green, brown, or other earthy tones for woody scents. You can play around with brighter colors like orange, shades of blue, or red for floral scents.


It is important to consider the target audience for the perfume. Because each perfume is designed for a specific group of consumers. Age , gender, status, purchasing power, interest etc.

There are a lot of factors that determine the target audience. Customer perfume packaging is designed for specific demographics as well.

Women like floral patterns and bright colors. Mean have more inclination towards tough graphics and dull color pallets.

Consider Sustainability

Sustainability is a growing concern in the competitive perfume market. People are turning towards eco-friendly choices these days. Perfume brands opt for glass for customized packaging because it is recyclable.

Brands use sustainable glass because it gives a luxury appeal as well along with being eco-friendly. Apart from the bottle the exterior custom packaging has to be environment friendly as well.

1.Sustainable Packaging Material

Cardboard and biodegradable plastic are good choices. Another amazing option is Kraft paper. Using eco-friendly materials is a positive step towards brand commitment.

Not only this, it gives a message that the brand looks after the wellness of customers. Regarding customers, 71% favor eco-friendly packaging over beautiful packaging.

Sustainable packing will also attract new customers. You might get more sales by getting on the sustainable perfume box trend.

2.Use of Fillers

Another notable thing is the use of plastic bubble wraps for fillings. A sustainable solution is to use fillers made of recyclable materials.

Brands should also make responsible choices in printing, labeling, and filling custom perfume boxes. They can play an important role in reducing carbon footprint and saving the environment by making safe choices.

Protective Packaging

Protective packaging is important from both the consumers and the brands. Especially in case of glass perfume bottles that can be broken by a single jerk.

That’s where packaging plays an important role. If the packaging is not up to the standard, the perfume bottle can get damaged and cause a substantial loss to the customer.

1.Use of Quality Packaging

Using high-quality packaging is important to increase the life of perfumes. When brands use custom perfume boxes, they can use different materials. Cardboard is a popular choice when it comes to choosing rigid packaging.

2.Custom Boxes for Perfumes

Custom boxes for perfume are a style statement. With too menu options available on a single shelf it is actually the box that highlights your product. The customer uses the fragrance later. First it comes in contact with the exterior package.

Just a glance at the package gives the consumer a complete perception of the perfume brand. Attractive packaging lifts up the status of the brand.


Custom perfume boxes are an important part of your brand’s identity. Apart from keeping the perfume safe they create a unique brand image in customer’s mind.

etention of more customers result in brand loyalty. But this is not easy to achieve. You need a good custom perfume box manufacturer for this purpose. Good custom perfume box manufacturer will have three qualities:

  • It will have a quick turnaround time.
  • Offers a competitive packaging price.
  • Provides spot on quality always.

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Creation of custom boxes for perfume is an art in itself. Along with aesthetic sense it requires a lot of technical knowledge. What kind of box is suitable for what shape of perfume? What type of brand logo will appear more appealing to customers etc.

All these factors are important in designing custom perfume boxes. Good looking custom perfume boxes increase the worth and value of the product inside.

Business owners should find expert custom perfume box manufacturers that can make them unique boxes for perfume. Customized packaging is the key to successful branding.