Cost-effective strategy for shipping large orders of glass bottles from China

Cost-effective strategy for shipping large orders of glass bottles from China

Cost-effective strategy for shipping large orders of glass bottles from China


China is the biggest economy in the world. Many businesses turn to the Chinese market for bulk orders. These orders ship from China using various modes of transportation and routes.

The glass bottle manufacturing industry is another thriving sector in the Chinese market. Business owners, especially Perfume brands, source huge quantities of glass bottles. However, purchasing is not the only issue. The real challenge is shipping these huge orders of glass bottles to their destinations.

This blog focuses on all the important factors related to bulk shipping glass bottles from China. It emphasizes the importance of freight forwarding companies and is a complete guide for business owners who want to source glass bottles from China in huge quantities.

Availability of Suitable Shipping Options

Before having to decide the most cost-effective method to glass bottles in bulk from China, let’s have a look at the available modes of shipping:

Air Freight

As the name suggests, air freight means transportation through airplanes. Air freight is suitable for the delivery of urgent orders when transporting glass bottles. However, it is one of the most expensive options.

If you are looking for cost-effective options, air freight is not the solution. However, the delivery time is much shorter than that of other options.

Air freight, because of its shorter delivery time, can win you a lot of customer satisfaction.

Sea Freight

Sea freight is the right method to transport bulk orders. If you order a large quantity of glass bottles and want them shipped from China, you can use sea freight. It is the best method if time urgency is not your priority.

Sea freight is the most appropriate shipping method for distant countries and for longer transit items in large quantities.

Land Freight

Land freight has all the advantages of sea and air freight. It can ensure timeliness and safe delivery simultaneously. It is also secure and easy to carry in a pocket.

Land freight transports shipments through land transport, such as containers or vans. It is safer than other shipping options. You have to load and unload the container just once, reducing the probability of damage.

Hiring a third party (3PL)

Apart from the three modes of transportation mentioned above, there is another method. This requires hiring the services of a third-party logistics (3PL) service provider. A 3PL is a freight forwarding company that transports your shipment on your behalf.

Further, in this blog, we will discuss how selecting a freight forwarding company is the most cost-effective strategy for bulk transportation of glass bottles.

Characteristics of a Perfect Freight Forwarder

Before selecting an appropriate freight forwarding company, you should know the characteristics of a good freight forwarder. Below are the mandatory attributes of a good freight forwarding company:

Empathize the needs of the Shippers

One of the main characteristics of a good freight forwarding company is that it empathizes with its customers. They take their needs as their own. They adapt to their requirements.

Their priority is providing good customer service. They also make sure to remove any hurdles that come in the way of shipping bulk orders.

Familiar with Regulations of Foreign Countries

Experience means a lot. Especially when you are in a business that has to deal with the regulations of various countries. China is the economic hub. Clients need to ship from China to across the world. Most of the orders are in bulk quantity.

Therefore, any freight forwarding company working in China has to be aware of the trade and shipping regulations of various countries.

International Presence

It is very important for a freight forwarding company to have an international presence across various continents. The company should have offices and operations in other countries.

Technologically Advanced

Technological advancement increases the efficiency and effectiveness of all systems. The same is true for orders that ship from China. A good freight forwarding company is aware of all technological advancements.

Freight forwarding companies have Software that gives clients access. Clients can stay aware of the status of their orders. This company also keeps the information updated on the Software.

Cost-Effective Strategies to Ship from China

For any business, cost-effectiveness in operations is the first and foremost priority. This is because the lower the cost, the more profits there will be. Since the perfume bottle industry became popular, more business owners have been heading toward Chinese glass bottle manufacturers.

Large business owners need to ship glass bottles in large quantities. Here are some cost-effective strategies for bulk shipping of glass bottles from China:

The Right Shipping Method for Glass Bottles

When choosing the best mode of transportation for bulk products that ship from China, you should set your priorities. Among all the options, choose the one that best suits your business goals.

The best option to ship from China is Express Delivery. Express delivery is the best option for timely delivery. It is one of the best service providers for cross-border shipments. However, it is a bit more costly than other options.

If you have a large order that needs to be delivered within a short span of time, choose air freight, especially if the host country is on another continent. In air freight, your package is not given priority.

As a result, it might take 7 to 15 days to deliver it to the host country. However, air freight helps you avoid additional expenses. These additional expenses are part of Express delivery from China.

If timely delivery is not a priority, you can choose sea freight.

Depending on your priorities and the time of delivery, you can choose the option that best suits you. However, for door-to-door delivery, Express delivery is the best option to ship from China.

Packaging of Glass Bottles for Safe Shipping

Glass bottles are delicate, and their storage and shipping are critical. Because of the presence of glass bottle manufacturers in China, huge orders have been placed from China to other countries.

Following certain guidelines can ensure safe delivery and shipment of glass bottles. Some of these guidelines are as follows:

  • Make sure that each glass bottle is packed tightly. The less they move, the less they collide. This reduces the possibility of damage.
  • Put each glass bottle in a plastic bag first. Then, make a double layering of bubble wrap around each bottle. This keeps them safe from scratches.
  • If empty spaces exist between glass bottles in a box, fill them. You can fill them with a thermopile sheet.
  • To provide extra protection, use double-box packaging. You can do this by putting a small box of glass bottles in a larger box.
  • Make sure to label the outer box with a caution sticker or note. The label should have “fragile” mentioned on it.

Selecting a Local Freight Forwarding Company

When sending bulk glass bottles to ship from China, selecting a local freight forwarding company can be a good strategy. Let’s have a look at the advantages of hiring a local freight forwarding company from China:

Cost Effective

Chinese freight forwarding companies have international connections. China contains a network of freight forwarding companies. These companies are mutually connected.

So, when you work with a local Chinese freight forwarding company, you get the best deal that ships bulk orders from China. You get to have good bargaining for the shipment of bulk orders. Hiring a local freight forwarding company is cost-effective in terms of money and time.

Legal documentation

When shipping bulk glass bottles from China, you need to have a lot of documents. Many shipments get delayed because of a lack of proper regulatory documentation. This causes an increase in the shipping cost.

Local Chinese freight forwarding companies have experience in international shipping. Therefore, when shipping glass bottles in bulk, they make sure to have all the legal documents in hand.

Regulatory compliance

International shipping is very challenging. Just gathering the required documentation is not necessary. You have to comply with global regulations and documentation as well. Local freight forwarding companies in China have experience shipping bulk orders to various countries. T

herefore, when shipping bulk orders of glass bottles, they know which regulations to comply with. This ensures the smooth shipping of glass bottles from China to other countries.

Introducing your rates

If you have been already working with a Chinese glass bottle manufacturer for a long time you build a trustworthy relationship with it. Therefore, when you want bulk orders of glass bottles to ship from China, you can suggest your shipping rates. This gives you an edge to negotiate on your terms.

You can also get discounted rates on bulk shipments of glass bottles from China. This strategy is not only cost-effective but also effective if you want to build your own brand. A trustworthy Chinese glass bottle supplier that ships at discounted rates can help you develop your international perfume brand.


The fragile nature of glass bottles makes them critical for transportation during long routes. The most important factor is the safe delivery of glass bottles without damage.

If you want large orders of glass bottles to ship from China, you should choose a reliable freight forwarding service provider. The mode of transportation should depend upon your priority.