A Complete Overview of the Custom Printing Process on Glass

A Complete Overview of the Custom Printing Process on Glass

A Complete Overview of the Custom Printing Process on Glass

Printing on glass is one of the best ways to improve your business. Many customers don’t even have a specific brand in mind when purchasing. All that matters is the appearance of the glass bottle. These things are crucial, whether it is the logo, the font, or even the lettering.

Packaging is thus a crucial step in your business. A custom-printed perfume bottle creates an unbeatable allure and entices the customer.

Why Should You Choose Custom Printing On Glass?

Custom printing transforms glass bottles into aesthetically attractive mediums. As such, this process mostly requires a professional. Nevertheless, you’ll need to know everything about glass custom printing to make the most of this flourishing trend. Read On!

Luckily, our guide has everything you need to know about glass printing. From the various methods of custom glass printing to its advantages!

Advanced technology in custom printing on glass enhances the design, flexibility, and durability of the interior and exterior of glass bottles. There are different methods of printing on glass. Each technique offers its versatility and cost.

What Are Different Met Methods Used to Custom Print On Glass?

Remember, all the processes have customized features and come with numerous advantages. Let’s discuss all custom printing methods below.

Screen Printing

The first method, screen printing, helps create intricate patterns on glass. It is a relatively affordable technique among all. Better still, it fits a wide range of applications.

The method mainly uses enamel and UV-curated inks. With this method, your graphical elements, including fonts and logos, will be printed on the backside of the glass bottle. A touchscreen coating then seals the elements.

The method is suitable for both external and internal surfaces of glass bottles. Moreover, the prints are long-lasting.

On the downside, however, screen printing might require longer if your design contains multiple colors. The limitation in colors may shackle your creativity and limit your flexibility. Nevertheless, it is ideal for bulk custom printing productions.

Features of screen printing:

  • It uses enamel and UV-curated inks.
  • With screen printing, you are limited to just using four colors at a go.

Digital glass Printing

Compared to screen printing, Digital printing is more flexible. The method is precisely convenient, especially when you have some last-minute changes to your custom print. Unlike screen printing, where minor changes require restarting the entire process, digital printing is simple and allows more adaptability.

It elevates your business to a world of unlimited options. There are two techniques of digital printing:

A) Digital UV Glass Printing

Go wild with unlimited color options and combinations with digital UV glass printing. Just from its name, you can tell that the method uses UV light. Organic inks are an eco-friendly and efficient way to custom print on glass. Moreover, the process is an ideal option, especially for bulk production.

The only flaw is that it is not as long-lasting as ceramic printing.

B) Ceramic Printing

Hit the home run with a scratch-free and durable ceramic printing method. Ceramic printing is incredibly durable, with a special ink that completely merges with the glass bottle.

Features of Digital Glass Printing:

  • Digital UV glass printing uses Ultraviolet light.
  • Digital UV ink particles do not fuse into the glass after printing.
  • Ceramic printing uses inks that merge entirely and become one with the glass surface.

Spray Coating

If you want to set out your glass bottled products from competitors, Spray coating is a great way. The method involves spraying glass bottles with a translucent or transparent coating. On top of that, depending on your customization needs, the manufacturer can also provide matte coatings.

Spray coating is a straightforward way to let your business stand out. Nevertheless, this print does not have impressive longevity.

Features of Spray Coating:

  • It gives the glass bottle a flawless coating.
  • Spray coating is diverse and can even form a great combo with metallization.

Pad Printing

Although glass bottles with flat surfaces are easier to pad print, the process also applies to uniquely shaped designs. The technique uses Silicone, whose unique characteristics enable printing texts, logos, and pictures on bottles of all sorts of shapes.

You’ll need to choose your preferred pattern before the process commences. The technique involves etching your desired pattern onto a printing plate. The printing pad then automatically produces the print. The print’s durability is, however, short.

Features of pad printing:

  • Pad printing only uses Silicone.
  • That is hard to accomplish with any ink. The technique can register all colors, thus achieving a luxurious and attractive look.
  • The process allows printing on glass bottle curves and edges.

Foil Stamping

It is probably the newest glass printing technique in the industry. The method involves applying foil to glass. The glass bottle is first screen-printed with sticky ink before achieving the final look by placing the desired foil effect.

On the bright side, this technique produces an incredibly flawless polish that is hard to accomplish with the inks.

Features of foil stamping:

  • Uses foil
  • It produces an incredibly flawless finish that is hard to achieve with any other ink method.

Frit Printing

Frit printing is very similar to screen printing. The only difference is that the method uses a special powdered ink. This ink bonds with the glass surface during the heating process. Unlike screen printing, where the ink only forms a coating on the glass surface, frit printing involves the glass fusing to the glass. That makes it scratch-resistant.

Custom printing on glass gives the bottle the highest endurance. With this method, you can bid goodbye to wear and tear and the scratch eyesores in your brand’s package.

This method’s only drawback is that it restricts you to heat-tempered glass. That said, chemically toughened glass bottles cannot use this printing technique. Moreover, frit printing is costly compared to other methods.

Features of frit printing:

  • Uses special-powdered ink
  • The ink completely fuses to the glass bottle, hence making it durable.

What Things Should You Look for in Custom Glass Printing?

There is a surging demand for custom printing on glass, especially in the perfumes, attars, and essential oils industry. Custom printing makes a glass bottle’s interior and exterior exude a sense of luxury. There is nothing more effective in a brand than arousing the target audience’s interest by meeting their aesthetics and taste preferences.

You need to consider several aspects to guarantee the effectiveness of custom printing on glass. The print technique is perhaps the most important one. With so many glass printing methods available, you must settle for one that best suits your enterprise. Luckily, this article dives into all the intricacies of different glass printing methods and their features.

Some of the tips for custom printing on glass include:

Type of glass

The type of glass bottle you want determines the custom printing process. For example, some glass bottles are float, while others are tempered.

Hygiene and Level of Cleanliness

Before commencing the printing process, the glass bottle needs thorough deionized water. However, in cases where the glass is extremely greasy, you might have to clean it with acetone. Note that you should only touch the glass with cotton gloves.

The Print’s Humid Protection

Most custom prints on glass are unsuitable for humid areas. Go for a transparent foil or an acid-free sealant to form extra protection on the print.

Printing Quality

High-quality custom printing on glass is the best. Using a high-quality print mode achieves the best UV curing. Additionally, it also helps increase the durability of the print.

What Are the Top Benefits of Using Custom Printed Glass?

Unique and aesthetically attractive bottles will help your business stand out from competitors. Adding personalized branding, labels, slogans, fonts, business logos, and color choices comes in handy with a lot of benefits, including:

Improves the visibility of your brand or company

Custom printing alters the appearance of your glass bottle. It makes your products stand out amongst other brands of the same industry. Custom glass bottles are unique and boost a brand’s recognition. It expresses the authentic aesthetics, values, and qualities of your brand.

Custom printing procedures give your glass bottles a higher standard. On top of that, the uniqueness in appearance and labeling makes it easier for the customers to distinguish your products from other brands while shopping online or buying from store shelves.

Offers a Cheaper Marketing Strategy

Every business venture needs marketing where necessary—promoting sparks interest in the brand, which evokes positive responses from the target audience. As such, you must budget for marketing to secure a solid footing in the competitive industry.

However, advertising your company or brand isn’t an easy feat. It requires time and sufficient funding to keep your business in the game. First, you’ll need to brainstorm efficient ways to market your business.

Hosting events, hosting launch parties, or inviting the local press to your business are popular ways to market your business. For online marketing, you can also collaborate with famous social media influencers. In either case, you will notice that although these marketing strategies are superb, they require a lot of capital.

On a tight budget? No problem! Try out a more affordable marketing method with custom printing. Custom printing means cost-effective marketing.

Improve customer loyalty

The quality of your custom-printed products speaks volumes about your brand. The higher the custom printing quality, the more the customers will yearn to associate with your brand.

Custom printing a brand’s products is one of the best strategies for customer retention. When you decide to print your brand’s products, it is essential to collaborate with the best custom glass printing company.

Besides, custom printing on glass may help build an emotional link between a brand and its customers. It will undoubtedly boost customer loyalty.

Custom printing makes your product look attractive

Let’s face it! Most customers will go for aesthetically pleasing brands for perfumes and essential oils. Spending money on custom printing your glass bottles will go a long way in attracting more customers to your products.

Have you ever looked at a perfume bottle and are like, this is what I need! Most buyers choose a bottle’s exterior appeal and attractiveness rather than the scent itself! As such, a perfume in a custom printed glass on a shelf may end up selling out compared to other brands.

Helps With Branding of Perfumes

One of the advantages of custom printing your glass bottles is that it helps with the branding of your product. Custom printing on bottles portrays the deep values and story behind your brand. On top of that, it is a brand’s identity. Whether it is the color choice, font, logo, or business slogan, all these will spark people’s curiosity.

Easy to update glass designs and labels

Stay on top of the list among your competitors by updating your glass designs and labels. You can easily modify or update your bottle design, labels, or logos without restarting the custom printing process. With custom printing, adopting the current trends to fit your customers’ preferences is hassle-free.

Digital printing, for instance, is diverse and can quickly adapt to last-resort print changes. It is easy to achieve without restarting the printing process all over again.


1.What is Custom Printing on Glass?

Custom printing on glass involves printing logos, labels, slogans, and fonts, among other aesthetically attractive features. Customizing a package carries a lot of power, especially in the perfume industry. For instance, a “moonlight” fragrance may use glass bottles with a customized night sky print.

2.Should I Invest In Custom Printing On Glass for My Business?

Absolutely! You can grab a lot of benefits that come from investing in custom printing. It enhances your brand’s visibility and improves customer loyalty. Moreover, it offers cost-effective marketing and makes your products more attractive. If you own a perfume business, don’t hesitate to invest in custom printing on your glass bottles!

3.Is Custom Printing On Glass Durable?

Print on perfume glass bottles is long-lasting. Top-notch manufacturers of custom-printed glass bottles are sure to use the best techniques to provide high-quality prints on glass. With a resistance to general wear and tear, print on glass is undoubtedly long-lasting.

Final Thoughts!

Overall, custom printing on glass is one of the best packaging choices, especially in the perfumery industry. It not only helps distinguish your products but also creates brand identification – partner with renowned glass bottle manufacturers who offer various options, including custom printing on glass.

As you can see, custom glass printing can improve the product’s appearance. Be it a perfume, essential oil, candle cup, or any other type of glass bottle!

Are you ready to take your glass bottle designs to the next level? Get in touch with Gozonepack now.